North’s Labour Director Suspended Amid Document Forgery Case

North Ministry Calls for Suspension of Civil Servant on Bail

In a significant move by the north’s ‘interior ministry’, an official request has been made to suspend Meray Durust from her civil service role. Durust, who is currently working as a civil servant despite being on bail for allegedly forging documents, finds herself in the midst of a controversy that has raised questions about the integrity of public service positions.

Previously holding the position of director at the north’s ‘labour ministry’, Durust’s career took a turn after her arrest, along with her husband, former ‘education minister’ Kemal Durust, in February. The charges against her involve the acquisition of a fraudulent degree from Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU) in Morphou, an institution now marred by scandal.

Despite the allegations, Durust was reassigned to a public sector role shortly after her arrest. “Bureaucrats relieved of their duties return to their former duties,” explained ‘labour minister’ Sadik Gardiyanoglu, indicating that Durust resumed her previous civil service position in the Morphou District Governor’s office.

The case has widened as two relatives of Ersin Tatar’s bodyguard, Serif Avcil, were also arrested in connection with the investigation. One was found with a study certificate from KSTU, while the other possessed a degree from an undergraduate program. Both individuals faced a day in remand.

Avcil’s own involvement in the case took an intriguing turn when he claimed to have “lost his phone on the way to the police station”. This statement came after he was contacted via telephone for summoning to the station and later could not produce the phone when requested by the police for evidence.

The unfolding events continue to spotlight the scrutiny of educational credentials within public service sectors and the procedures surrounding the employment of individuals under criminal investigation.


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