Cyprus Moves to Mandate Insurance for All Doctors

Political Consensus Emerges on Doctor Insurance Legislation in Cyprus

In a recent development that could significantly impact the healthcare landscape in Cyprus, a legislative proposal mandating insurance coverage for all doctors has garnered broad support. Disy MP Savia Orphanidou, the deputy chair of the House health committee, reported a positive response from political parties and stakeholders after a committee meeting on Thursday.

The proposed legislation, introduced by Disy to the House health committee, aims to ensure that every doctor practicing in Cyprus has insurance coverage. Orphanidou highlighted the universal backing for the bill, emphasizing its potential benefits for both medical professionals and patients. She noted that while doctors within the national health scheme, Gesy, are already insured, there is a gap in coverage for private practitioners.

Orphanidou acknowledged concerns raised about the specifics of insurance coverage, including the amount and procedures involved. These issues are set to be addressed by the Cyprus Medical Association and insurance companies, which are expected to develop detailed regulations.

Akel MP Marina Nicolaou expressed principled support for the initiative, extending the idea of mandatory insurance to all healthcare professionals. However, Nicolaou also mentioned that Akel is seeking clarity on certain points discussed during the meeting. One such point pertains to doctors employed by the health ministry who are part of Gesy but not directly under the state health service Okypy.

Nicolaou also addressed potential apprehensions about the financial implications of such insurance coverage, stating, “In our view, a doctor’s insurance coverage does not necessarily mean financial exploitation by insurance companies.” This statement reflects a commitment to balancing patient safety with fair treatment of healthcare providers.

The consensus among political figures and stakeholders suggests a forward-moving trajectory for the legislation. If passed, it will mark a significant step towards comprehensive protection for both patients and doctors in Cyprus’s healthcare system.

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