Dig Into Company Seal Details

In the business world, the term “Company Seal” holds significant importance as it serves as a unique identifier for a company. In its physical form, it is a handheld device used to imprint an official seal on to documents. This seal represents the authorization and certification of the company and denotes that the document is approved and is legally binding.A company seal can be a stamp or an embossing press that leaves an elevated impression on the document. The imprint often includes essential details such as the company name, the date of incorporation, and sometimes the state of incorporation. On documents, the impression from a company seal functions as a ‘signature’ reflecting the company’s consent or approval.Historically, the concept of a company seal traces its roots back to the Roman Empire. It was back then when seals were used to make business transactions lawfully binding. A fun fact about this is that Marcus Crassus, a renowned businessman of the Roman Republic era, was known to use his own unique seal for his business transactions and property documents.

Ordering a Company Seal: New or Reprint

Whether you’re a new business looking to order your first company seal or an established entity planning to reprint a worn-out one, the process is relatively straightforward. There are several manufacturers who offer customized seal-making services to cater to different business needs.The process starts with choosing the type of seal. Options range from a self-inking stamp to a more traditional embosser. Subsequently, the required details such as the company name, date, and state of incorporation are provided. These are then engraved or embossed on the tool, forming the core of the seal.In the case of reprints, it’s crucial to ensure that all the original details remain the same. Any discrepancy may cause legal complications, as the seal is considered a company’s legally binding ‘signature’.Following is a step-by-step guide on the process:
  1. Pick the type of seal: As previously mentioned, you have options between a self-inking stamp or a traditional embosser.
  2. Provide the necessary details: The company’s registered name, date, and state of incorporation are the fundamental details needed.
  3. Choose the design: Some manufacturers also offer the option of customizing the design of the seal beyond the basic information.
  4. Confirm the order: Once everything is finalized, confirm your order and wait for the manufacturer to produce and deliver your company seal.
A company seal is an important tool used in formalizing official documents and agreements. Its historical significance and legal implications are a testament to its essential role in the business sphere. As such, getting a new seal or reprinting an existing one must be done with careful attention to the accuracy of information and the quality of the seal itself. With a proper company seal, a business has one more way to exhibit its legitimacy and demonstrate its commitment to lawfulness and professionalism.

Company Seal

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