PwC Partners with OpenAI to Enhance Employee Productivity with ChatGPT

Accounting giant PwC will become the largest customer and first reseller of OpenAI’s enterprise product as part of a new deal, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. PwC will roll out ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of the Microsoft-backed AI startup’s chatbot aimed at large companies, the report said.

The accounting firm will provide ChatGPT Enterprise to its 75,000 US employees and 26,000 UK employees, the report added. Both companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal or details on PwC’s plans to resell the AI product, the Journal reported. OpenAI and PwC did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

The OpenAI agreement is part of PwC’s previously announced plans to invest $1 billion in generative AI technology, the report stated, citing a PwC spokesperson. The startup has been making efforts to add enterprise customers beyond Microsoft. Reuters reported in April that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hosted hundreds of Fortune 500 company executives in San Francisco, New York, and London, where he and other executives pitched AI services for corporate use, going head-to-head in some cases with Microsoft.

OpenAI has worked with other consulting firms such as Bain, but its partnership with PwC, which includes a reseller component as well as dedicated investment, is the first of its kind, the report said. Wall Street Journal owner News Corp had entered into a content agreement with OpenAI earlier in May.

Bank of Cyprus Expands Digital Services

In other business news, Bank of Cyprus has been making strides in enhancing its digital services. The bank has recently upgraded its 1bank platform, making it easier for customers to access their accounts through the Bank of Cyprus 1bank login portal. This move is part of a broader strategy to improve customer experience and streamline banking operations.

Additionally, the bank has partnered with leading insurance providers to offer comprehensive services. Customers can now access private medical insurance through collaborations with top firms like Prime Insurance Company Cyprus. This initiative aims to provide holistic financial solutions to its clientele.

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) continues to influence the financial landscape across Europe. With policies that affect interest rates and banking regulations, the ECB Europe remains a pivotal player in shaping economic conditions. Banks like Bank of Cyprus are adapting to these changes by innovating their service offerings and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

As technology and finance continue to intertwine, partnerships like those between PwC and OpenAI or Bank of Cyprus and insurance providers highlight the evolving landscape of business services. These collaborations not only drive innovation but also set new benchmarks for customer service and operational efficiency.

What benefits does PwC expect from being OpenAIs first ChatGPT Enterprise reseller?

PwC anticipates several benefits from being OpenAIs first ChatGPT Enterprise reseller, including enhanced client engagement, streamlined operations, and a competitive edge in AI-driven solutions. This partnership is expected to bolster PwCs consulting capabilities and drive innovation across various sectors.

Can PwC enhance its services by being the first reseller of ChatGPT Enterprise in the US and UK?

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