Silver Falls as DXY Dollar Index Rises Amid Strong Nonfarm Payrolls Data

Silver (XAG/USD) experienced a notable decline, dipping below the psychological support level of $30.00 during Tuesday’s European session. This drop comes after the white metal had recently surged to a multi-year high of $32.50. The primary catalyst for this decline appears to be the rebound in the DXY Dollar Index, which has gained traction amid growing uncertainty ahead of the upcoming Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) data for May.

Market Dynamics and Economic Indicators

The forthcoming NFP report is expected to offer critical insights into whether the Federal Reserve might consider lowering key borrowing rates during its September meeting. The DXY Dollar Index, which had previously fallen to a multi-week low near 104.00, has since rebounded. This resurgence in the dollar has made dollar-denominated commodities like silver less appealing, as a stronger US Dollar tends to make these assets more expensive.

Speculation regarding a potential rate cut by the Fed in September has intensified, fueled by recent data suggesting a slowdown in the pace of US economic growth. The US ISM manufacturing PMI revealed that factory activity contracted for the second consecutive month, with a bleak demand outlook and slower expansion in input prices. Additionally, the US Q1 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was revised downward to 1.3% from the initial estimate of 1.6%.

Upcoming Data and Investor Focus

As investors navigate these turbulent waters, attention is now shifting to the JOLTS Job Openings data for April, set to be released later today. Market analysts predict that US employers posted 8.34 million job openings, a slight decrease from the previous reading of 8.49 million.

The interplay between these economic indicators and their impact on market sentiment will be crucial in shaping the near-term trajectory of silver prices. As traders and investors await further data, the market remains poised for potential volatility.

Source: OANDA


How did the speculation for the Fed reducing interest rates in September impact the value of Silver (XAG/USD) in the European session?

Speculation about the Fed reducing interest rates in September led to a surge in the value of Silver (XAG/USD) during the European session. Investors flocked to precious metals as a hedge against potential inflation and economic uncertainty, driving up demand and prices.

Can the price of Silver recover if the Fed decides to reduce interest rates in September?

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