New Lease Regulations Impact Stock Repurchase Excise Tax Procedures

The proposed regulations on the procedural aspect of the excise tax were published on April 12, 2024. These were part of the broader implementation of section 4501, which generally imposes a 1% excise tax on stock repurchases by publicly traded corporations. Notice 2023-2 also provided initial guidance on this tax, giving taxpayers a preliminary framework to follow until the final regulations were issued.

What’s New: Finalized Regulations

The final regulations bring several important updates and clarifications that taxpayers need to be aware of:

Recordkeeping Requirement:

The final regulations confirm the emphasis on detailed recordkeeping. Covered corporations (i.e., any domestic corporation whose stock is traded on an established securities market) must maintain comprehensive records to accurately establish the amount of repurchases, adjustments or exceptions. Despite some comments suggesting a limitation, the IRS decided to keep the strict recordkeeping requirements.

Return Requirement:

The final regulations provide a notable exemption for Regulated Investment Companies (RICs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). These entities are exempt from filing Form 7208 if all their repurchases qualify for statutory exceptions. RICs and REITs will still be subject to the recordkeeping requirement.

Filing Returns:

In general, the return is due in the first full calendar quarter after the end of the taxable year of the covered corporation. The regulations clarify that returns are required only for taxable years in which repurchases are made. This means that if a corporation does not repurchase any stock in a given year, it is not required to file a return for that year. The due date for filing Form 720 for taxable years ending on or before June 28, 2024, is Oct. 31, 2024 (third quarter of 2024).

With an effective date of June 28, 2024, the final regulations on the stock repurchase excise tax bring much-needed clarity and structure to the reporting and payment processes for publicly traded corporations. One of the most significant takeaways is that these final regulations establish a filing deadline for the excise tax for 2023 and future years. By understanding and adhering to these new regulations, covered corporations can ensure compliance with the 1% excise tax on stock repurchases, thereby avoiding potential penalties and ensuring accurate tax reporting.


What does Notice 2023-2 say about the 1% excise tax on stock repurchases?

Notice 2023-2 clarifies the implementation of the 1% excise tax on stock repurchases, detailing which transactions are subject to the tax and outlining specific exemptions. It aims to provide guidance for corporations to comply with the new tax requirements effectively.

Does the Notice 2023-2 provide initial guidance on the 1% excise tax for stock repurchases?

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