Cabinet Allocates €11.7M for Unemployment Training Programs

In a significant move to bolster employment and training opportunities for the jobless, the Cabinet has given the green light to two incentive plans aimed at supporting 1,265 unemployed individuals. With a combined budget of €11,694,000, these projects are part of the government’s strategy to fully engage domestic human resources and strive for complete employment conditions.

Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou announced the approval following a cabinet meeting, highlighting the government’s commitment to activating the workforce. The plans are set to benefit 815 individuals under the age of 30 with both employment and training opportunities. Additionally, 450 unemployed individuals will be offered jobs that utilize flexible work arrangements, such as remote work, thanks to newly approved legislation.

The successful implementation and integration of these projects into the labor and welfare markets are being closely monitored by the ministry in partnership with the Deputy Minister of Welfare. A working meeting is scheduled for Thursday to discuss further details.

Minister Panayiotou emphasized the government’s dedication to maximizing the use of resources from the Recovery and Resilience Plan for the benefit of the country’s citizens. The reduction of unemployment through these schemes is expected to positively impact nearly 1,500 households.

When asked about the sectors eligible under the scheme, Panayiotou clarified that there were no sector-specific restrictions, allowing a broad spectrum of industries to participate in employing qualified persons.

These incentive plans represent a proactive approach by the government to address unemployment and provide valuable skills training, potentially setting a precedent for similar initiatives in the future. The business community and job seekers alike will be watching closely as these projects unfold and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and resilience.

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