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Permanent residence is a legal status that allows non-Cypriot citizens to reside indefinitely within Cyprus. This status provides numerous of advantages, including unrestricted access to the local job market and a host of social benefits. However, obtaining a Cyprus permanent residence permit requires adherence to certain criteria and completion of a specific application process.

The History of Permanent Residence in Cyprus

Delving into the historical archives, it’s worth noting a significant event concerning a prominent business magnate, Aristotle Onassis. Known for his successful ventures in the shipping industry, Onassis considered Cyprus as his permanent residence during the mid-20th century. His influence played a crucial role in shaping Cyprus into a haven for business and investment.

Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus

“How can I get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus?” – is a question that pops up frequently among non-EU citizens. The journey towards achieving the Cyprus permanent residence is often divided into multiple steps.
  1. Eligibility evaluation: Before pursuing the Cyprus permanent residence permit, it’s imperative to determine your eligibility. Some of the critical factors taken into consideration include your financial stability and the absence of any criminal record.
  2. Investment: Cyprus offers a unique program known as “Cyprus permanent residence by investment.” This program requires potential applicants to invest a minimum of €300,000 in new real estate properties.
  3. Application process: Once the initial criteria are met, applicants can proceed with the application process. This involves the submission of certain documents that verify the individual’s identity, financial standing, and investment details.
  4. Approval: The Cyprus government carefully reviews each application. If the requirements are met to their satisfaction, the applicant is granted the Cyprus permanent residence permit.

Permanent Residence Cyprus non EU

For non-EU individuals, obtaining a permanent residence permit in Cyprus might seem daunting. However, the Cyprus government has put forth multiple programs and opportunities to simplify the process. These schemes, including the Cyprus permanent residence by investment, promote Cyprus as a desirable destination for international business and living.

Acquiring Citizenship Through Permanent Residence

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How to get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus and eventually become a citizen?” Acquiring citizenship through permanent residence in Cyprus is highly feasible. Once you’ve held the Cyprus permanent residence status for a period of seven years and have lived in the country for at least five years within those seven, you become eligible to apply for citizenship. This infers that Cyprus permanent residence and citizenship are interlinked, offering individuals a pathway to becoming a Cypriot citizen.

Cyprus Permanent Residence Requirements

While the road to becoming a permanent resident might seem straightforward, there are certain Cyprus permanent residence requirements that need to be met. These requirements extend beyond the basic need for a clean criminal record and stable financial status. They also include a proven continuous income that will allow you to maintain your living without needing to work in Cyprus.In summary, understanding the requirements, process, and benefits associated with obtaining a permanent residence in Cyprus can help make the journey less daunting and more achievable. Whether one is a non-EU citizen, a business professional, or looking to invest, the prospect of obtaining a Cyprus permanent residence permit provides a promising future for those wishing to call Cyprus home.

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